Social Media – Singular or Plural?

from The Economist, 1-10-18

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 2.44.00 PM

This is certainly not wrong; media is of course technically a plural noun (like data), however much it is considered a singular or, perhaps better, a collective noun. But I don’t remember seeing social media used as a plural; the unit-like nature of the term, rather than the noun itself, would seem to further identify it as a singular (collective) noun, rather than a (literal) plural noun, but The Economist, apparently, uses it as a plural. Cool.


English v. American Collective Nouns

Loved this bit of faux cultural grammatical (culturo-grammatical?) propriety from a favorite podcast. I still remember the Englishman who inadvertently illustrated to me the difference between how English English and American English treat collective nouns differently, that American English considers their number based on grammatical number, e.g. FIFA is an organization vs. the Eagles are a team, while English English treats them as plural regardless of their grammatical number, e.g. FIFA are an organization vs the Eagles are a team.