The Apostrophe: Pats Flyer

2015-02-01 11.02.02The apostrophe in the flyer is wrong; there is no possession going on. A potentially more interesting discussion is whether there should be an apostrophe in the title: Pats Flyer or Pats’ Flyer (Pat’s Flyer, of course, would be the flyer of Pat rather than the flyer of the Pats).

The key is whether you read Pats and Flyer as a double noun (like coffee table), in which case no apostrophe would be necessary, or as an expression with a dominant and a subordinate noun, in which case Pats would be subordinate (the flyer of the Pats or for the Pats) and would require an apostrophe after the s: Pats’ Flyer.

More common is the former reading, as a double noun, but it yields an interesting discussion nonetheless.


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