ESPNW Typo in Hope Solo Update

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 9.27.46 AM

From this article / post.

The idea of context for copyediting is of course a compelling one: to what extent does context dictate the imperative for correctness? Should text messages be completely devoid of grammatical correctness because of their social and informal context? What about the above? Not quite an article but not quite a blog post? Are the / should the standards be different? And what about the business side of things? With the amount and quickness of content being published, is it even feasible to expect editing beyond self-editing? And who determines that context / who (should) care? Is it the writer’s responsibility to put forth a standard that they themselves set? Or is the reader’s responsibility to expect (and articulate) a certain standard from all writers?

The problem with typos is of course a credibility one. If the reader notices a mistake so easy to catch (as above), how can the reader trust the rest of the article, not so much from a factual standpoint (though that applies as well) but from a writing and ambiguity standpoint?


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